All You Need To Know About Glass Pipes


Glass pipes are pieces that are not only useful but are also beautiful. They are available in numerous styles and colors, from being very simple models to wildly imaginative pieces; there is no limit to the creativity that goes into making these. There are so many options available in that you would get confused as to which would be the right one for you. Glass pipes of today are more of a fashion statement even though the basic use is only for smoking herb or tobacco. And as per, glass pipes do not impart any addition flavor to the smoking experience like those of clay or wood pipes.

There are many complex varieties of tobacco and herbs that are being used for smoking purposes. The glass pipes are best suited for isolating the flavors and enhancing the overall experience of smoking. Glass pipes come in five different shapes to give you a great and rich smoking experience. Here they are.

Chillums or simple hand pipes are the basic shapes of glass pipes that are available on the market. These are small in size. Users put the smoking material into the tube and flame it before inhaling. There are a few drawbacks in this simple glass pipe, as there is no carburetor the smoke is not cleared efficiently and only small amounts of tobacco or herb can be used.

Spoons are slightly more complicated than the simple chillums as it has a carburetor. The carburetor on the glass pipe is just a simple hole. When the hole is covered with a thumb or a finger, the incoming air is like a simple glass pipe. When the hole is open, the air enters the chamber and helps all of the tobacco to be inhaled making it a rich experience.

Steam rollers are those that have a bowl like fitting on one side of the glass tube. Both the ends of this pipe are open, and the one near the bowl acts as the carburetor. These also come with a chamber in between the bowl and the mouthpiece, which can enhance the smoking experience by many folds.

The Gandalf pipes are also called as the Sherlock pipes which are used by these famous literary characters. This classically shaped glass pipe has a large bowl below the beautifully arched stem. These are used for a much stylish option as they add an elegant look to your personality. The bottom of the bowl is usually a flat base which allows you to place the stand on the table when you are not holding it in your hand.

Bubbler pipes are those that can filter out the tars and resins that will usually accompany the smoking. The bubble shaped tube makes sure that only the smoke enters your mouth and that all the other unwanted pieces stay back in the glass tube. The chamber is sometimes filled with hot water whereas, under normal circumstances, only cold water is used. Some bubblers make it even more unique and use ice as well.

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